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Capacity Building Programme on Business Studies for Class XII


“There are no limits to what I would do to make my class exciting, interesting and unpredictable"

                                                                                                            Philip Zimbardo

 Ms. Bhasha  Joshi from our school participated in a Capacity Building Programme conducted by CBSE on Business Studies for class XII. The workshop was held on 3rd and 4th September 2019 at DPS, Greater Noida.

The key focus of resource person, Ms.Saudamini Arvind, was on the changes taking place in the syllabus, question paper pattern, framing of questions and preparation of project.

Also, various strategies were discussed to equip the teachers with the ability to deal with some difficult topics effectively.

It was an elucidative and interactive workshop which made all the participants actively involved in all the activities.


“Pure mathematics is in its own way, the poetry of logical ideas”

Ms. Neha Bansal and Ms. Charu Virmani from Indus valley Public School participated in a capacity building program “Joyful learning in Mathematics” organized by C.B.S.E  held at Pragyan Public School on  13th September,2019. It was fun filled program in which the facilitators, Ms. Ishika Mukherjee and Ms. Praveen explained that it is about mathematising the world around us, which can be easily done by games, puzzles, competitions and other wide range of activities.


Capacity Building Programme on Physics for Class XII


“Physics is about questioning, studying, probing nature. You probe and if you’re lucky, you get strange clues.”

 Lene Hau

 Ms. Sakshi Malik from our school participated in a Capacity Building Programme conducted by CBSE on Physics for class XII. The workshop was held on 7th and 8th August 2019 at DAV, Sahibabad. The key focus of resource person Dr. Vikas Agarwal was on the framing of questions and lesson plans. Methods of teaching were also discussed along with common errors and their remedies.

 It was an informative workshop which made all the participants actively involved in all the activities


Capacity Building Programme On Life Skill

“If there was one life skill everyone on the planet needed, it was the ability to think with critical objectivity.”

                                                                                                                                    Josh Lanyon

Ms Binny Sharma from our school participated in a Capacity Building Programme on Life Skill held on 3rd August 2019. The key focus of resource person Ms. Anita Dutta was on sharing ideas and resources for improvement in teaching learning process, how to encourage creative and critical thinking of a child. It was a great learning experience for everyone.


Awakened Citizen Program

An Awakening Citizen Program was held at Ramakrishna Mission New Delhi on 6th & 7th May, 2019, for Year-1training and on 8th & 9th May, 2019 for Year-2 training  teachers of Delhi NCR.

Ms. Neha Bansal, Ms. Bandana Roy, Ms. Seema Yadav and Ms. Mani Sharma of our school participated in this workshop.

The ACP is a three year graded value education program for students. In order to empower students in a real and tangible way, enable them to stand on their own feet and help them develop as enlightened citizens. IVPS had sent teachers to attend the programme so that they can conduct classes in the school and help in awakening the students.


Teacher’s Workshop on Phonics & Phoneme

To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark."

One of the best things about being a teacher is that the learning doesn’t stop. A workshop on Phonics and phoneme was conducted   by a Cambridge certified trainer, Ms. Shweta Talwar for our teachers. The workshop was not only an innovative learning, but also, catered to the needs of knowledge and wisdom.


Capacity Building – Political Science

A Capacity Building Programme on Political Science was held at CBSE, Center of Excellence, Delhi on 29th & 30th April, 2019, for the Senior Secondary teachers of Delhi NCR.

Ms. Namita Singh of our school participated in this workshop headed by the Resource Person Mr. Madan Sawhney and Mrs. Vijay Laxmi Singh.

The main highlights of the CBSE organized workshop was the introduction of the new question pattern followed by a discussion on the objectives and expected work to be delivered through Political Science Project.

It was also a great platform for learning.


Capacity Building Programme- Psychology

 CBSE organized a two days capacity building program on Psychology for the teachers at CBSE, Regional Office on 24th & 25th April 2019. It was attended by Ms. K. Rakshitha Ganesh (PGT Psychology cum Counsellor).

 Workshop was conducted by the resource  persons Ms. Usha Anand and Ms. Gurjeet Kaur. The workshop highlighted about the constructive way of teaching psychology at school level, discussion about new pattern of question paper and assessment method Overall it was an interactive session.



 CBSE organized a two days capacity building program on English for the teachers of class X at Sapphire International School, Noida on 12th and 13th April 2019. It was attended by Ms. Poonam Chaudhary (TGT English).

 Workshop was conducted by the resource Ms. Ruchi Sengar. She discussed about the student's learning techniques, methodologies to teach various skills like: reading, writing and grammar, different activities were suggested to infuse the passion for sileat  reading, framing of questions for periodic tests, assessment of student learning, marking scheme and blueprint of board question paper.

 Overall it was an interactive session.


Capacity Building Programme - Life Skills

‘Life skills prepare us to face the outer world.’ With this motive, Ms. Himani Barthwal Dabral and Ms. Amrita Ramanathan attended a workshop of ‘Capacity Building Programme on Life Skills’ at Lotus Valley International School on 15th February, 2019. The resource person, Ms. Abha Jha beautifully defined the term life skills as the abilities which will help learners to be successful in living a productive life. These skills help students improve their personal and social qualities. It was an interactive programme which helped teachers to learn how life skills can be integrated with all the subjects and they should become positive role models for their students.


Workshop on Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies

“Inclusion is not tolerance, it is unquestioned acceptance.”

Ms. Neha Sharma and Ms. Nishtha Kathuria attended a workshop at Fr. Agnel School, Noida on 8th and 9th February, 2019. It was conducted by Dr. Pooja Jaitley in collaboration with CBSE to inculcate the concept of inclusive education in CBSE schools. The main emphasis was laid on the lesson plans which cater to the psycological and physical needs of all the children. It also clarified the terminologies related to the needs of the special children.


Capacity Building Workshop

For teachers, as for students, the most effective evaluation comes from someone who sits besides us and helps us grow.

And this work is done by CBSE for the teachers who regularly organize such workshops for them. One such workshop was the Capacity Building Programme on Remodelled Assessment held on 7th February, 2019 at DPS, Greater Noida. The objective of the assessment structure was to identify the gap in the teaching-learning process and understanding of students. The teachers were enriched by the resource person, Ms Gurpreet Singh, who explained the core elements of Internal Assessments and how best to make the optimum utilisation of this model. The emphasis was given on the points to keep in mind while assessing the students. Few activities were also conducted by them to make it more interactive.




CBSE organized Capacity Building Workshop for a day on “Remodelled Structure of Assessment” on 12th October, 2018. Mrs. Anjali Tandon of our school participated in the workshop. The resource person from CBSE Mrs. Sanjaya Walia conducted the workshop highlighting about the changes in the assessment at secondary level. The workshop was at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School. It was an informative workshop.




CBSE organised a two day workshop ‘Capacity Building Programme’ on Political Science  for the Senior Secondary Teachers at Army Public School, Noida from 28th September, 2018 to 29th September, 2018. Ms. Namita Singh of our school participated in the workshop. The eminent educationist and the resource personnel from CBSE Mr. Madan Lal Sawhney and Mr. Dheeraj Singh conducted the two days interactive session where they acquainted the teachers with different tools and techniques to help them create desire for learning in student’s mind.




CBSE organised a two day Capacity Building Programme on Economics for class XII at DAV Public School, Sahibabad on 25th September, 2018 and 26th September, 2018. Ms  Jessy. K.S (PGT Economics) attended this programme.

Mrs. Sudha Acharya and Ms. Sonam Gupta conducted  an interactive session, focussing on mainly on investigatory projects and the curriculum.




CBSE organised a two days capacity building programme on Physics-class XII at DPS, Noida on 31st August and 1st September 2018. Ms Sakshi Malik attended this programme.

Dr. Anupam Bagga and Ms Harjinder Kaur conducted the whole programme.

It was an interactive session focussing mainly on constructivist teaching-learning theory. It included a laboratory session, framing of questions, lesson plans. Methods of teaching were discussed alongwith common errors and their remedies. At the end, investigatory projects and their assessment were discussed.


Seminar & Workshop


4th National Conference on Physical Education and Sports Sciences Vision and Mission Olympics 2020

Our Physical Education teachers, Mr. Sarvesh Upadhyay and Mr. Amar Chauhan attended 4th National Conference on Physical Education and Sports Sciences Vision and Mission Olympics 2020 where they were awarded for excellence in their field. The conference was held on 9th February 2018 at NDMC convention Centre, New Delhi.

 The objective of conference was to spread awareness among people so that physical education and sports sciences work together to help us win many medals at Olympics.

 Arjuna and Padamshree Awardee, Sh. Limba Ram, Sh. Ashok Pradhan (former Cabinet Minister), Sh. Manoj Tiwari (M.P.), Dr. A.K. Uppal and PEFI Gen Secretary, Sh. Piyush Jain were the Chief Guests at the seminar and awarded many teachers for excellence in their field.

 Shri Navin Agarwal, IPS, Director General (NADA) Ministry of Youth Affair and Sports shared his thoughts on the importance of Physical Education school level during the opening ceremony. He also shared the initiative taken by NADA to spread awareness to detest younger generation from doping, and encourage fair play.


National Seminar on Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Contemporary Development

  • On 12th February, 2018, our Physical Education teacher Mr. Sarvesh Kumar Upadhyay attended a National Seminar on Rights of Persons with Disabilities Contemporary Development held at Delhi University. The objective of the seminar was to create awareness about the right of disabled persons in the society and to have a threadbare discussion on the national and international aspects of the topic.
  • The seminar was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, former President of India, Shri. Pranab Mukherjee who, in his speech, congratulated the Vice-Chancellor and the Law Centre-II for initiating a discussion on the right of persons with disabilities.
  • Yogesh Tyagi (V.C.) presided over the seminar, along with Dr. V.K. Ahuja, Dr. Pinki Sharma, Ms. Ira Singhal (Assistant Collector, Delhi Government). Mr. Pradeep Ray and Ms. Neha Aneja.



 CBSE organised a two days capacity building workshop on History for the teachers of class XII at ‘Gurukul The School’ on 19th & 20th January 2018. It was attended by Ms. Neha Ojha (PGT History).

Workshop was conducted in 3 sessions by the resource person Ms. Shalini Swarup.

They discussed about the student's learning techniques, lesson plans, framing of questions for periodic tests, assessment of learning, remodeled assessment structure, marking scheme and blueprint of board question paper.


Space Explorer Workshop

As a part of Educational programs, an initiative has been taken by IVPS to build interest towards Astronomy and Space Science through workshops. Space Technology & Education Pvt. Ltd. has given new dimensions to our students through its first round of SPACE EXPLORER WORKSHOP conducted on 18th January, 2018 from classes I to IX. For our Little Explorers various programs such as Lift Off, Rocket a Space vehicle and Hydro Rocketry were conducted. The program included separate schedules and demos according to different class level. This initially started with a movie in school auditorium describing about Rocket launch and wonders of science. This workshop not only enhanced their knowledge but has also given curiosity to dig more about astronomy and SPACE. Students were amazed and enjoyed the activity.



Indus Valley Public School organized a Hindi workshop for students of class IX & X on 11th January 2018. It was conducted by Hindi Vikash Sansthan, Delhi. The main motive of this workshop was to give knowledge to the students about presentation and assessment points for forthcoming of Board Exam. Students actively participated in this workshop. It was very beneficial for them. 



Hindi Vikas Sansthan, Delhi organized a Hindi workshop on 10th January 2018. at Vishnu Digamber Marg in Hindi Bhawan The resource person of the workshop was Dr. Piyush Kumar Sharma. The main objective of this workshop was to sharpen teacher’s potential and pedagogical skill. Three Hindi teachers of Indus Valley Public School attended this workshop with great zest and enthusiasm.



CBSE organized a two days capacity building program on Science for the teachers of class X at Kothari International School, Noida on 15th and 16th December 2017. It was attended by Ms. Swathee Govil (PGT Biology) & Ms. Nishtha Kathuria (TGT Science).

Workshop was conducted in 3 sessions by the resource persons Ms. Parul Tyagi and Ms. Deepali Panwar.

They discussed about the student's learning techniques, lesson plans, framing of questions for periodic tests, assessment of student learning, remodeled assessment structure, marking scheme and blueprint of board question paper.

They also briefed about the various ways of conducting Science Practical Examination.

Overall it was an interactive session.



The CBSE organised a one-day Capacity Building Programme on remodeled assessment structure- class X at Delhi Public School NTPC, Vidyut Nagar on 25th November, 2017. It was attended by the school Vice-Principal Ms. Rachna Agarwal.

The session began with an interesting ice-breaking activity, in which a representative from each group was asked to brief about a wow moment of their class.

The workshop was then carried forward by CBSE resource person Dr. Anu Singh who discussed the remodelled assessment structure for class X with focus on the periodic tests, subject enrichment activities and notebook submissions. She also shared her thoughts on how to judge students carefully on co-scholastic parameters. Many doubts relating to the frequency and marking of the periodic tests were clarified in the course of the session.

Overall, the session was an excellent refresher for the teachers.


Asmita Theatre Group Gives ‘Dastak’ on Women’s Safety

On 28th November, a team from “Asmita Theatre Group” presented a street play, ‘Dastak’, for the students of classes VIII-XII in the school auditorium. Addressing the issue of women’s safety, it specifically focused on sexual harassment such as the catcalling and commenting that women face in day to day lives in public places. Through their performance, the group aimed to highlight the need to increase reporting of harassment in public places which quite often go unreported. It also subtly looked at the importance of bystander intervention and how we can contribute to improve reporting of cases of sexual violence in public spaces.

The play got an enthusiastic response from the audience of the school which included the school Director, Principal, students and teachers. The group got a standing ovation after the performance. The Principal, Ms. Shikha Sharma applauded the play for portraying the truth beautifully which touched the hearts of the audience. There was an interactive session of the group with the audience wherein the students expressed how important the issue was for the women of India.



Every student faces a question “What Next “and “Which Stream” after class X & XI. There are many career options available and it is very difficult to choose the right career option. Taking all these into account school organized a career guidance workshop for Class XI on 23rd Nov, 2017. Workshop was conducted by Princeton Review.

The facilitator Mr. Aditya Jain discussed  the - Nitty-gritty of effective counselling and Ms. Verena Lohner an International student recruiter from Germany guided the students in gaining a better understanding of what really matters for them personally,  how to choose, what to choose and why to choose.

 Lot of insight was given about the various courses available in Munich Business School, Germany.

At the end the students discussed their queries regarding procedure of pursuing courses, enrolment  procedures with the resource team.



A workshop on Tobacco Sensitization for Principals and Counsellors of Private school’s of Noida and Greater Noida, was organised by Gautam Buddh Nagar District, Tobacco Control Cell, I Can Win Foundation and I Can Care Foundation on 27th October 2017.The workshop was addressed by Mr. B.N Singh, District Magistrate Gautam Buddh Nagar, Then Dr Pawan Gupta M.Ch Cancer surgeon discussed about the tobacco scenario among the Indian youth. Dr Shweta khurana talked about rules and regulations related to tobacco and how school authotities should deal if a student has tobacco issues.

The workshop also stressed on certain guidelines that need to be followed by Private Schools. For instance in 100 yards of radius of school campus, selling of tobacco containing products are prohibited. The Principals of all schools were provided with a challan booklet to issue to those who prohibited the rules. The workshop sensitized the Principals and Counsellors about tobacco use and how important it is to save the youth from it.


Seminar on Capacity Building Programme

 With the objective of strengthening education system, and to make teachers capable of imparting quality education and teaching students, a two day seminar was organised by C.B.S.E on 12th and 13th September, 2017. The “Capacity Building Programme” was held at Indus Valley Public School, Noida, for the teachers of Social Science.

The seminar started with the lighting of lamp. The school Principal, Ms Shikha Sharma, welcomed the resource persons, Mr. M.L. Sawhney, former PGT, Political Science and Ms Santosh Vyas, Vice-Principal, Sadhu Vasvani International School for Girls, New Delhi. They made the participating teachers  comfortable with their opening session. The seminar was attended by the Social Science teachers from various schools of Noida/NCR. The Joint Director, C.B.S.E, Dr. Praggya M. Singh, also joined in later to oversee the proceedings of the seminar.

The resource persons made the two-day session quite interesting and interactive. To make the participants understand the link between activity-method teachings and learning, they gave activities which were to be done by them. They thoroughly enjoyed doing them and also learnt the effective techniques of teaching, making lesson plans and framing questions.

Overall, the seminar was quite motivational, communicative and effective. It was an amazing and wonderful experience for all the participants.



The Peer Educators organised a workshop on Violence Against Women on 24th August 2017 for the boys of classes IX to XII under the guidance of Principal Mrs.Shikha Sharma .The workshop started with an idea “Change begins from home. The workshop aimed to educate the students about the deplorable condition of crime against women in India. Jaskaran Singh Bamrah, the Head Boy, gave an intense start to the workshop by giving an example of rock- culprit, continuously crushing the earth-victim, underneath it. After discussing the seriousness and importance of the topic, Arnav Mishra who talked about some "do's and don't's " and about the laws they might be violating by doing something they consider 'fun.'  The Principal discussed about some issues like   social media, cyber crime, graffiti, comment on physical appearance, friendship between same and opposite gender, morphing and spending ‘Me’ time.

Then Neelotpal Pande shared some real life incidents and also the measures that we should take in such situations. Finally, Kushagra Aggarwal discussed about the 'Social Stigma' of our society and further concluded by citing a Sanskrit Shloka which conveyed the message that a female should be respected.The students were advised if they face any issues they can consult the School Counsellor.

Overall, the workshop was quite enriching and sensitising the issues related to women .The students made a promise to themselves that they will take stand against violence towards women.   



Workshop on Banking Operations

A workshop was arranged by the school on 02.08.2017, for the students of classes X, XI & XII regarding banking operations in the areas of cashless transactions, types of credit, educational loan facilities etc. The workshop was conducted by officials of Vijaya Bank, Chief Manager, Mr. Rajesh Kumar and Chartered Accountant, Mr. Kapil Sabarwal.

The session was very interactive and informative. The students enthusiastically participated in the workshop and their queries were attended by the resource persons. 



The CBSE organized a training workshop on Gender Sensitivity for the teachers on 29th July 2017, at Billabong High International School, Noida. The resource persons for the workshop were Mrs. Meera Chopra and Mrs. Shweta Khurana. The main objective of the workshop was to focus on integrating learning and teaching process.

The workshop helped the teachers understand the difference between gender and sex-what is gender sensitivity, why there is need for gender sensitivity in school. The workshop included numerous activities.

It was a great initiative by CBSE to make a difference in the present scenario.  The workshop was quite informative and broadened the horizon of teachers on gender sensitivity.



A career counselling session was conducted for the students of class XI on 1st August, 2017 by Jamboree Institute which offers admission counselling to students for higher level of education.

The session highlighted the various options that the institute offers to study abroad, the importance of GRE, GMAT, SAT for admission in high ranking universities in United States of America.

The students were also introduced to the scholarships available to study abroad at renowned universities. The session ended with the answering to the queries put up by the students.

Overall the session was quite informative for the students.



Delhi Public School Vasundhara, Ghaziabad organized Inter School Life Skills Enhancement Programme for Adolescents in collaboration with Expressions India on 8th and 9th May 2017.

The two day Programme consisted of series of activities aimed at creating better understanding of self, family and society. The main objective of this programme is to make students aware of the life skills and empower them to act responsibly in practical situations. At level 1 the schools were oriented with Basic life skills Education and Peer Education formats. At the second level, the schools came together and shared their experiences.

The Counsellor and Peer Educators of Indus Valley Public School actively participated in the Peer Educator Programme by understanding and appreciating the good practice being implemented in the area of life skills through an experiential learning.



The Fortis Prosocial Peer Moderator Programme organized a workshop on Media literacy. The Programme is a peer training programme designed to impart life skills education to students.

The objective of the workshop was to sensitize the students about media literacy which is the ability to access analyze evaluate and create media. The students of IVPS actively participated in the activities. The workshop helped them in developing critical thinking, understanding how media messages shape our culture and society, identifying target marketing strategies, recognize bias, misinformation.

Overall the workshop was informative.


Economics Seminar

A seminar on Economics was held in Indus Valley Public School, Noida on 9th May 2017, which was attended by 33 PGTs (Economics) from various schools of Delhi/NCR.

It was conducted by the Eminent Scholar and Speaker Prof. J.P. Goel former Associate Professor, Hindu Post Graduate College, Sonipat, Haryana. He authored more than a dozen text books of Economics. He apprised the teachers regarding the project work introduced by the CBSE for class XII board exams to be held in 2017-18. In the seminar, the teachers discussed their doubts and problems with him. It is was very educative and informative. 

His book on Numericals in Economics was launched by the Principal of Indus Valley Public school, Noida Ms. Shikha Sharma in the seminar.


Workshop by Yakult

A workshop was conducted by Yakult Danone India for the students of class VI. The resource persons of the workshop were Ms. Mahi, Ms. Swati and Ms. Riya. The aim of the workshop was to promote a healthy lifestyle in students.

The students were explained about the digestive system with the help of a model from Japan. They also explained what probiotics are, which was later followed by the screening of the movie explaining about good and bad bacteria. In the end students were given Yakult bottle.

Overall, the workshop was quite informative.



A workshop of the Principals, Counsellors, Senior teachers was organized on 1st March 2017 by Centre Career Development at Alliance Françoise. The Resource person was Mr. Jitin Chawla.

The aim of the workshop was to make the academicians aware of the various courses and career options available after the completion of class XII. There are many options open to the students of class XII other than the traditional courses such as Liberal Arts, Fashion Designing and many more.

There are many old and reputed universities in India and new universities are also coming up with different courses. As in Delhi University the cut off percentage is touching sky, it becomes difficult to get admission there. Students can look up to numerous reputed universities in Delhi NCR and outside Delhi like Jamia Millia Islamia University, JNU, Ambedkar University, Jamia Hamdard University, IP University of Rajasthan, Banasthali Vidyapeeth (Only for Girls).

There are some private universities like FLAME- Pune, Shiv Nadar University, Azim Premji University which are offer various new courses with great placement opportunities for the future generation.



 The school counsellor attended a CBSE workshop on Capacity Building Programme on Life skills organized by Central Board of Secondary Education held at DPS, Greater Noida. The resource persons were: 

  1. Manoj Srivastava, Joint Secretary, Academic Research and Innovation, CBSC, New Delhi
  2. Sanjeev Jain, Principal, Pinewood School, Saharanpur
  3. Sharmita Raheja, Principal, Uttam Girls School, Ghaziabad

The life skills training focuses on integrating learning and teaching process.

In the workshop, the teachers were made aware of the life skills essential for the healthy development of a child and to lead a successful life ahead wherever they face any issue. 

To make life skills teaching interesting, teachers can include activities like Role play, Debate, Storytelling, Brainstorming, Question Answer session, etc.

Overall the workshop was quite enriching for the teachers to treat life skills as an independent subject as well as integrating it with other disciplines.


School counseling in the Contemporary Socio-Educational Environment

 The school counsellor attended India International Education Conclave on ‘School Counselling in the Contemporary Social Educational Environment organized by ICTRC on 22nd February 2017 at India International Centre, Max Muller Marg, New Delhi.

 The objective of the programme was to provide school counsellors an opportunity to understand the contemporary Socio-Educational environment where they can function so that they are able to guide students and help them realize their full potential. Counselling and Guidance services have been recognized and accepted as an integral part of education process in India.

 The programme was quite enriching as it would help to widen to prospectus of counselling. Also sensitize the counsellor as to how to play an important role in the lives of students by saving them from the negative consequences of the modern living pressure and help them realize their potential.



Two days workshop on ‘Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management’ for teachers was conducted by CBSE at Sarla Chopra D.A.V. Centenary Public School, Noida on 3rd and 4th February 2017. The workshop was attended by Ms. Rachna Agrawal & Ms. Anupama Das .The resource person, Ms. Madan Lal Sahni & Mr. Arvind Srivastava from CBSE spoke on the various skills focused on the classroom management,  the development and implementation of rules and procedures and prevention of problems in the classroom. Mr. Madan Lal Sahni emphasized on positive discipline and the role of proactive teacher in perceiving and curbing the problem.  It was highlighted that a proactive teacher can solve many problems with her focused and methodical approach. The programme concluded with a discussion on classroom management strategies and techniques.The distinguished audience interacted well and was enriched with different techniques and methodology of  classroom management.


Workshop on Business Studies

To give an insight to the students on attempting Business Studies Board Exam paper, a workshop was conducted for the students of class XII on 11th January 2017.

The speaker, Mr. Vikas Jain, All India topper for Business Studies in the exam conducted by CBSE cleared the doubts of the students as to how they should understand and attempt the case studies. Picking up the key parts of the syllabus, he explained in detail the way students should attempt the question paper.

CAT topper in 2008, he also conducted the career counselling session for them, stressing upon the various scope for Non Mathematics Commerce students.

With their board exam just round the corner, the students found it quite informative.


Workshop of Indian Idol Academy

A workshop was organised by Indian Idol Academy at Indus Valley Public School, Noida for the students of class fifth on 28th December, 2016. A brief introduction about the music, that music is a combination of tune, melody and rhythm, was given to the students. The singing talent of the students was tested and to make them inquisitive about music, various questions related to music were asked by the Academy.The students were divided into two groups and each group was asked to sing. Students enjoyed themselves during this workshop. It was very knowledgeable, informative and beneficial for all the students having interest in music. Such workshops motivate the students in concerned areas.


Workshop on Awakened Citizen Programme

The school counselor of the school got a golden opportunity to attend a two days training programme on ‘Awakened Citizen Programme’ organized by Ramakrishan Mission, Delhi.

The resource person Dr. Anuradha the head of value education department conducted the workshop. The objective of the workshop to help students plan and harmonize their thoughts, actions towards higher level. It had modules for class VII students to enrich them with knowledge and values to be good citizens.

The programme is based on powerful message of infinite potential that each and every individual possesses and empowers students in a real and tangible way.


Summit on Prevention and Management of Mental Health issues

The school counselor attended regional summit of school Principal on ‘Prevention and Management of Mental Health Problems in school children’ organized jointly by ICTRC on 27th September 2016 at Billabong High International School, Noida.

The workshop was conducted by Dr. Ravindran. The objective of the workshop to sensitize the Principals about the misconception of mental health issues, different childhood disorders like anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, eating disorder. How to prevent and manage these disorders and understanding the role of counselors in dealing with these issues.

The workshop was quite informative.


Workshop on Question Paper Setting and Evaluation

 One of the teachers of Indus Valley Public School, Noida attended the training session on Question Paper Setting and Evaluation for C.B.S.E. school teachers on 15th July 2016 conducted in Sarla Chopra D.A.V. Public School, Noida. Many teachers from various schools benefitted from the Resource person, Mr. Opkar Singh who explained the nuances of setting a question paper and also its evaluation. He briefed what points should be kept in mind while framing a question paper.

 Mr. Opkar Singh, who has a vast experience of more than 60 years, 40 years in Deshbandhu College and 20 with C.B.S.E., shared his experiences in the class which transported the teachers present there to their classrooms. The teachers became the students that day. They were given the assignment of framing questions for the paper. Overall, it was an enriching experience for all. At the end of the session, all the teachers were given the certificates for having attended this workshop.


Workshop on Robotics

 Neorobos, a pioneer in imparting education through Robotics conducted a workshop for the teachers of IVPS, Noida. The workshop was aimed to educate skills based learning to aid future growth. It focuses on connecting to real world application and practical knowledge through a play way method. The resource person, Mr. Siddharth presented how they deliver hands – on, minds – on solutions that ignite children’s desire to learn and keep learning by stimulating curiosity creative and critical thinking amongst students. The second part of the workshop consisted of teachers experimenting what they have learnt through blocks, pulleys, etc. Mr. Siddharth explained the uses of different parts of machine. The teachers made wonderful models like windmill, etc. and learnt about different uses of pulley, lever etc.

 Overall it was a different and educational experience for the teachers.


Health Talk

 A workshop on probiotic health drink Yakult was conducted by Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd. on 04.05.2016 for class IV in our school premises. Students were told about the benefits of Yakult drink that it helps to improve digestive system and builds immunity.

 It was really informative and interesting. The students were very enthusiastic to know about the drink.


Seminar on “Motivational Skills”

The counsellor of the school attended a seminar on “Motivational Skills” organized by Ratna Sagar at Pragyan School, Greater Noida on 20th February, 2016. The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Surya Narain Bahadur. The seminar was very interactive in nature. She learnt about the several aspects of personality and human nature. Several Strategies were also given on how to increase interpersonal communication skills. Overall the seminar was very informative and a lot of application based methods were learnt from the workshop for the overall development of the children.


Workshop on Synthetic Phonics

The teachers of classes Nursery to II attended a workshop on Synthetic Phonics on 20th February 2016.  They came to know about phonics, reading and writing skills, system and structure of letters, memory retention of kids. The workshop was interactive as the teachers played different phonic games related to phonic.

 The teachers gained a huge knowledge through this literacy program.


Introductory course on Synthetic Phonics

On February 12th and 13th teachers of Indus Valley Public School were invited to attend a 2 days workshop on Synthetic Phonics conducted by the Training Director of the Fitzroy learning centre, Mr. Abhishek Goel.

In the workshop teachers came to know about phonics, system and structure which guarantees reading on writing success, word formation using interactive games which helps to achieve long term memory retention and at last do’s and don’ts of teaching kids-phonics. It also imparted knowledge about the psychology of a classroom and evaluating students by finding and correcting learning difficulties.

The teachers gained a huge knowledge through this distinctive literacy program and hope to get such opportunity further.



Training on Inclusive Education

The Counsellor of the school got the opportunity to attend a two days training on inclusive education conducted by CBSE at DPS, Noida. In the workshop, she extensively learnt about the concept of inclusive education and its various aspects. There was discussion about various learning disabilities and several psychological problems with children. Also, physical disabilities such as hearing and visual imprisonment were talked about.

The workshop was conducted by Ms. Geetanjali Kumar, a renowned counseling psychologist. She was taught about various strategies for intervention through group discussions, case study analysis, role playing and lecturing. She got to know various problems faced by special schools. She was also taught differences between segregation, exclusion, inclusion and integration.

The workshop was informative and she learnt a lot from it.




Peer education is a term widely used to describe a range of initiatives where young people from a similar age group, background, culture and social status educate and inform each other about a wide variety of issues.

Peer education is an increasingly popular method of providing information and advice to young people in both school and community based settings. Peer education initiatives can offer a wide range of benefits to pupils, peer educators, teachers and the school as a whole.

On 26th December, 2015 the students of class 10th  & 11th  of Indus Valley Public School, Noida participated in a workshop on ‘Peer Education’ held at Delhi Public School Ghaziabad, Vasundhra.

The chief guest Prof. Daya Pant – Head, Department of Education Psychology and Foundation of Education NCERT addressed the students on ‘Stress Management’.

Discussing about the causes and effect of stress, she also suggested the ways to deal with the same.

The workshop was attended by 10 schools of Delhi/NCR where schools shared new ideas and discussed the various steps taken by them regarding ‘Peer Education’





Any kind of activity that holds the interest of the audience by giving them pleasure is entertainment, and to entertain our students, IVPS organized a ‘Film Fest’ in the months of July and August for the classes from III to XII.

The students from classes VIII to XII were taken to DLF School, Ghaziabad and shown the movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ there and the students from classes III to VII were taken to Spice Cinemas, Noida and shown the movie Mary Kom and Jurassic World there.

While the movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ captivated everyone’s hearts, ‘Mary Kom’ (the biopic on boxer Mary Kom) providing wholesome entertainment and ‘Jurassic world’ quenched the adventure streak of the children who were too excited to watch these movies.



IVPS Organizes Stress Management Workshop


To help the students of class XI and XII cope up with stress, a workshop on stress management was conducted by Mr. Varun Khanna which was organised by TIMES NIE in association with Manav Rachna University.

The workshop began with the introduction of the meaning and types of stress and its effect on us. The resource person apprised the students of the A to Z of stress and how to recognize and then handle it. The students found it quite interesting as it also involved their interaction with the resource person.

Before the end of the workshop an activity for the students was conducted which they found quite helpful as it helped them relieve their stress.   


Workshop on Career Counselling for class IX and X students


A workshop on Career Counselling was conducted by SRM University in association with Hindustan Times for class IX and X students. The workshop was conducted by a resource person Mr. Kabir Krishnan which was concluded by the Professor of SRM University, Dr. Arun Sasher.

The main objectives of the workshop were to promote education, all round development, leadership skills and career development.


“Donation of Woollens to ‘Goonj”


Understanding the needs of underprivileged children and continuing with our charitable acts, our school students collected their woollen clothes to be donated to the NGO, ‘Goonj’.

All the woollens were then taken to Bal Bharti Public School, Rajendra Nagar, which was the collection centre of ‘Goonj’. Very few schools had the privilege to attend this event on 15th December. A small effort on our part can make a huge difference in the lives of these poor children. The representatives of ‘Goonj’ appreciated the efforts made by our children. 


Hands on Learning Workshop

Now a days teaching is no longer limited to classroom lectures. We are well aware of the limitations of the class lecture, and to overcome the same, incorporation of hands-on-experiences is highly recommended. The workshop was organized by teachnext on “Hands on Learning Activities” in Hotel Hypen, Noida on 26th Sept., 2015 with the aim to adopt effective teaching and learning process. Various PPTs, activities and kits have been given to the teachers to emphasis on the importance of Hands-on-learning experience. The idea was to include and involve learners in experiences that will help them to learn the content and skill being taught. Discussion was made on the different learning view with the help of PPT, one of them was “Edger Dale’s cone of learning experience”.

Emphasis was also given on the introduction of “Flipped Class Room Approach”, teachers can use as an effective tool in teaching learning process that makes it more effective.

The Workshop was concluded by a small video. “Do flowers fly” which provided equal opportunity for students to open up and reveal their talents.



Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival that celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters. Sisters tie rakhi on the wrists of their brothers and pray for their long life. Keeping this in mind on 27th August, 2015 IVPS organised a workshop for rakhi. This workshop was conducted by NIE. Members of NIE directed the students in a proper way to make wonderful rakhis. Students of Classes IV and V were very excited to make their own rakhis for their brothers. Their zeal and enthusiasm made the workshop a huge success.  




Indus Valley Public School (IVPS), a co-educational school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, is located in Sector-62, Noida.

The school was ranked among the top schools in a survey conducted by the Hindustan Times and C-Fore, and adjudged the "School of the Future" by Education World in Indian School Rankings in 2012. IVPS has been awarded for being the best Public School in Primary and Secondary Education in Delhi, NCR region which was presented by the Royal Brands in association with “Delhi Aaj Tak” by the then honourable Union Minister, Govt. of India, Mr. Kapil Sibal. It has also been awarded for being among top 100 schools of U.P. and top 10 schools of the district in an online survey conducted by www.shikshaadvisor.com. The Award was presented by Mr. Ashutosh (National spokesperson-AAP and former Managing Editor, IBN7). Another feat was achieved by IVPS when the school was adjudged among the top ten schools in Noida on the basis of various parameters, in an educational survey conducted by The Times of India.
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